Drones for Railways

The use of remote sensors especially drones has become the norm when working on the rail network of the UK and beyond.

Drone technology has advanced to such a degree that the data acquisition from drones is widely accepted and now welcomed by the wider surveying community. The data is not just a replacement but an enhancement  to the data previously collected by conventional surveying techniques.

In order to regulate the use of UAV’s within the rail network the responsible body Network Rail has established an exacting system of safe operation to ensure that all risk of operating around rail operators, rail tracks and high voltage electrical lines have been considered and mitigated.

Drones for Railways

As well as checking that operators are suitably experienced, licensed and considered safe and responsible businesses, Network Rail ask that operators request to work via the dronecloud platform and complete full risk assessments and method statements in advance and for due consideration. ONLY after these are approved are operators then permitted to work around the rail infrastructure.

These necessary safety precautions allow surveys to take place collecting RGB Imagery, LiDAR and thermal data to provide pre-construction, maintenance and reparation data to a variety of users quickly, safely and cost-effectively.

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