FlyThru works alongside Cellmark Forensics to offer a service for the joint forensic and intelligence analysis of UAVs and drones. FlyThru also works as expert providers to the National Police College and acts as expert advisers to the National Crime Agency.

Due to the sensitive nature of the forensics industry, the majority of past FlyThru forensics projects cannot be disclosed to the public. Work has been conducted in many sectors, including counter terrorism, crime prevention and disaster area surveying.

When drones involved with criminal activity are seized by the police, FlyThru offers the advice of our experienced investigators and security cleared personnel on how to obtain relevant and accurate intelligence from the UAV.

Drones contain many component parts and with detailed analysis it is possible not only to obtain vital DNA and fingerprint evidence by dismantling and handling them correctly but also to interrogate the on-board systems to assist an investigation by providing data such as:

  • Original manufacturer and model
  • The distance and time travelled from place of origin
  • GPS locations and details of recorded flights
  • Origin of component parts
  • Purpose of the drone use, e.g. night flying, video.
  • ID of the operator