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The licensing and use of small unmanned aircraft or drones is overseen in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The CAA produce guidelines and minimum standards to be followed by organisations commercially operating UAVs. FlyThru believe that we should meet and surpass these standards as they are essential to ensure a professional and safe working environment. Please note every request will be assessed individually with regards to safety.

We pride ourselves on being safe, professional and providing accurate deliverables.

We have acted as a consultant to Ravenhall Risk Solutions Ltd assisting them in becoming a leader in understanding and insuring risks associated with this industry.

Our Accreditations

  • Euro USC BNUC-S Qualification 0951-14-08-01: CAA: DAI/9932/09
  • CAA PFAW: Granted
  • CAA UK Helicopter Pilot UK/PP/4503311G/H
  • All pilots have current SC and NPP3 Clearance
  • Insurance: Brokers: Ravenhall Risk Solutions Ltd, Leeds. Policy Number: A56491/0614 underwritten by Markel (UK) Ltd -
Civil Aviation Authority Euro USC