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UAV/Drone Forensic Intelligence Analysis

In addition to offering a comprehensive imagery and mapping service at crime and disaster scenes, FlyThru has again partnered with Cellmark Forensics to offer a joint forensic and intelligence analysis of UAVs/drones.

Using our experienced investigators and police security cleared personnel, the service aims to give advice to those in the criminal justice sector who have seized UAVs/drones used in criminal activity or found in suspicious circumstances, on how to obtain the most relevant and accurate intelligence from their exhibits.

Drones contain many component parts and with detailed analysis it is possible not only to obtain vital DNA and fingerprint evidence by dismantling and handling them correctly but also to interrogate the onboard systems to assist an investigation by providing data such as:

  • Original manufacturer and model
  • The distance and time travelled from place of origin
  • GPS locations and details of recorded flights
  • Origin of component parts
  • Purpose of the drone use, e.g. night flying, video.
  • ID of the operator

Cellmark are one of the largest forensic service suppliers in the UK, serving police forces, the military and immigration services, as well as the criminal justice sector and private clients. Focusing on undisputable accuracy Cellmark have gained a reputation in the market for professionalism and results that can be absolutely relied upon.

Cellmark holds accreditations with UKAS for laboratory analysis IS0:17025 and is the only holder of an accreditation for forensic scene analysis ISO:17020.

Cellmark UKAS
Forensic awareness training
Forensic awareness training Forensic awareness training

Forensic awareness training with Cellmark, Chorley 2016

DJI Phantom UAV/drone
DJI Phantom UAV/drone DJI Phantom UAV/drone

Inside the workings of a DJI Phantom UAV/drone

Flight Log Data
Flight Log Data Flight Log Data

Flight Log Data recovered from UAV/drone flight controller detailing flight detail; exact location, distance, height and time flown and route of flight.